I use memories in an artistic process in a movement where thoughts
and ideas are transformed into a visual artistic design that gives a picture
of our common history and individual memories to a new world of images that
can be perceived abstractly, but if you step into the picture finds an atmosphere
of recognition and reflection with dreamlike and lively scenarios, a sense of travel,
memories of places, people and emotions.
My paintings are eclectic and symbolic and have a balance in patterned and rhythmic
combinations of collage and color.

I play with elusive notions of memories and dreams, placing remnants of personal notes, poems, and photos amongst writing and recognisable images from recent and past events. This plethora of imagery takes on new meaning and symbolism when combined on one canvas. I use mixed technique to my practice to breathe life and vibrancy into collaged surfaces with acrylic, oil, ink, charcoal, and tempera. These fragmented images and texts emerge hazily from the paintings, giving you flashes of meaning but not divulging too much. My work is about finding a balance in this patterned and rhythmic combination of collage and paint.

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